Would you like to change your life?
Are you ready to find the old programming and stuck beliefs that keep you from finding your passion and creating the life you truly want?

Innerspeak Coaching Sessions

InnerSpeak is effective recuperating methodologies which permits the inner self, or soul, to convey to the conscious mind, subsequently recognizing the areas or hinders that keep us from making the realities we desire.

Our Inner self converses with us continually, however we don't talk with our Inner self. Else we would listen mindfully and exist in a condition of total impeccability, encircle with everything and everybody we desire!


Animal Communication

One of the best things is “the ah-ha moment” that a client has when they understand what their animal friend has just communicated to them.

I work with the whole being. If they are present on earth, have left their animal body, or if they are trying to decide where they want to be.

Options for a private session are listed below.

Private Channellings

These loving beings are Source Energies in service to the One, here to assist us as we move through the Ascension process. Robin will deliver their personal message for you and they will answer your questions as well. Thirty minutes is $60, one hour is $100.

Coaching Sessions

Personal and Life Coaching can assist you in making quantum changes in your life. These sessions are available on an hourly basis at $100/hour and are tailored to your individual needs.Robin will combine talk therapy, InnerSpeak, and Intuitive Messages to facilitate moving you for a space of being “stuck”; to walking the path you came here for.


Reiki is a form of hands-on energy transfer that increases the client’s vitality and assists their body in healing. It is extremely relaxing, as well. Reiki offers stress and pain relief. I’m an Usui Reiki Master and also teach Level I, II and Master classes upon request

Karuna Ki

Karuna Ki is also called “the compassionate reiki”. Its symbols were channeled in from the Ascended Masters. I have nicknamed it “kick-butt&” reiki due to the laser-like precision with which it operates ‘m a Karuna Ki Master Teacher and offer this training on request.

Are you ready?

Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome, yet we do this year after year, lifetime after lifetime without even realizing it!

Would you like to change your life?
Would you like to by erase pain from your childhood, another lifetime or that of your ancestors?

Are you ready to stop the cycle?
Are you ready to find the old programming and stuck beliefs that keep you from finding your passion and creating the life you truly want?
Are you ready to claim your own power?
How might that change your experience and what would it be worth to you?
As it was in the beginning...is now and always shall be...World without end...

If you are — InnerSpeak is your solution!

In a single session, you can feel “lighter” as old blocks and burdens are released. You can let go of pain — physical and emotional, gaining focus and clarity. You can heal relationship issues and remove the blocks that stifle your inflow — your ability to receive love, money and success. It’s that simple!

In an InnerSpeak session you will discover:

  • The original source of an issue from your Akashic records
  • What traumas caused an event to become an ?issue? that affects you now
  • Who were the players in that event and if they are currently in your life now
  • How your soul reacted to that event and still reacts to the memory
  • How to clear all this away ONCE AND FOR ALL!
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