dissect pokerstars casino Are you looking for answers? Stuck in the same-old familiarity that blocks you from success, love wealth or health? Robin is an intuitive who offers a variety of coaching, clearing and emotional response therapy sessions. She is available during the week in her office,as well as via telephone or Skype.  InnerSpeak is very effective as either a one-on-one or a remote healing modality. You can work on any area of your life that is not going exactly the way you would like it to — relationships, money, career, hearth, or simply figuring out what you are supposed to to be doing and why you are here. You can work on many subjects in a single session. The intent is that you clear everything that is holding you back or blocking you in one session, and then you tell your friends, because the results are so profound! You receive the benefit of the structure online casino 2018 InnerSpeak protocol as well as the intuitive information Robin gets from you your Higher Self, your Guides and your Angels. The charge is $130 per session.

Sessions are available by appointment only.
Options for a private session are listed below.
You can request any combination.

Private Channellings

reason These loving beings are Source Energies in service to the One, here to assist us as we move through the Ascension process. Robin will deliver their personal message for you and they will answer your questions as well. Thirty minutes is free blackjack $70, one hour is 2nd 12 roulette time $130.

Coaching Sessions Personal and Life Coaching can assist you in making quantum changes in your life. These sessions are available on an hourly basis at $130/hour and are tailored to your individual needs.Robin will combine talk therapy, withdraw InnerSpeak, and Intuitive Messages to facilitate moving you for a space of being “stuck”; to walking the path you came here for.


jungle spirit slot prevent Reiki is a form of hands-on energy transfer that increases the client’s vitality and assists their body in healing. It is extremely relaxing, as well. Reiki offers stress and pain relief. I’m an Usui Reiki Master and also teach Level I, II and Master classes upon request

Karuna Ki

comeon casino mobile аdminister Karuna Ki is also called “the compassionate reiki”. Its symbols were channeled in from the Ascended Masters. I have nicknamed it “kick-butt&” reiki due to the laser-like precision with which it operates ‘m a Karuna Ki Master Teacher and offer this training on request.

In a single session, you can feel “lighter” as old blocks and burdens are released. You can let go of pain — physical and emotional, gaining focus and clarity. You can heal relationship issues and remove the blocks that stifle your inflow — your ability to receive love, money and success. It’s that simple!

Your session you will reveal:

  • The original source of an issue from your Akashic records
  • What traumas caused an event to become an “issue”
  • What affects you now
  • Who were the players in that event and if they are currently in your life now
  • How your soul reacted to that event and still reacts to the memory
  • How to clear all this away ONCE AND FOR ALL!
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