What is Innerspeak?

Founded 2003, InnerSpeak‘s purpose is consciousness raising and personal empowerment, healing and clearing. The methodology is taught around the world. The books and teachings of the founder, Jean Adrienne are available on the website.
InnerSpeak is a tool to assist you in clearing away the baggage and old programming that holds you back from having everything you desire. Some of the issues we deal with related to karmic debt and past life trauma. Some old programs come from our ancestors, and some from this life. InnerSpeak goes to the source of the block and clears it there and backwards and forwards through time – once and for all!
InnerSpeak facilitates communication, healing, empowerment and spiritual growth, allowing you to break though your blocks easily. It is a language that assists people in “listening” to their bodies and helping them remove both spiritual, emotional and physical obstacles. InnerSpeak goes directly to the source of the block, this lifetime or past lifetimes, and heals it there, clearing karmic contracts and stored trauma.
InnerSpeak was developed as an easy, simple and harmonious tool to facilitate life-force clearing and amplify the Ascension process for humanity and our planet. This tool is based on using Sacred Geometry and Clinical Kinesiology. In an InnerSpeak session, whatever is no longer serving you is brought forward from your higher self. This will guide you through what you need to know to clear the pattern during the session.
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